Poster Presentation Guidelines
Preparation of Presentations
Poster and oral style presentations are two important aspects of the International Electromagnetic Launch Symposium. Without these presentations we would not be able to accomplish the Symposium's primary objective of serving as the principal forum for the discussion, interchange, and presentation of research on critical technologies for accelerating macroscopic objects or projectiles to hypervelocities using electromagnetic or electrothermochemical launchers. See the poster guidelines below:
  • Each poster session will be ~90 minutes long
  • The Author(s) are expect to:
    • Be set up prior to the session
    • Be present at their poster for the entire ~90 minute session
    • Sign-in to register that you presented your poster
    • Explain the paper to the audience
    • Answer questions and interact as appropriate
  • Poster boards (4' x 8' single sided) reside in TBD
  • The locations are assigned by numbers that will be given to you during the registration reception
  • All poster materials should be provided by the Author(s). Push pins will be provided.
  • The wall area for your poster material is 4 feet wide x 8 feet high (1.22 m x 2.43 m)
  • Please make sure that your layout will fit within this space. There will be no table in front of the poster. There will be approximately 6' in front of your poster for you to talk with attendees.
  • All poster materials should be removed by the end of the day
Poster Presentation Suggestions
  • The title of the poster session should be displayed in large font, 36-60 point, to help the attendees find your poster
  • Your main point or conclusion should be in large font if it is not covered in the title
  • Avoid using any font below 18 point. Anything below 18 point is difficult to read
  • Avoid large sections of text in all CAPITALS. Use CAPITALS, color, and/or bold to emphasize a point
  • Display the highlights of your presentation in larger font, 24-40
  • Keep pictures, charts, and graphs simple. Too much detail will distract from your main point. Use color to help
  • Information flow is more effective from left to right and top to bottom.
  • Your poster information should be self-explanatory. This information should attract attendees to your poster and you in turn will answer detailed questions
  • Attendees will be 3' to 4' away from your poster when viewing posters, so please make your font choices accordingly
  • When attendees ask questions, make your answers are short and to the point as the attendees will be moving from one poster to the next. You may have to repeat answers several times to different attendees
  • Be prepared to acknowledge all attendees who are interested in asking questions. There may be one person who will monopolize your time, but make sure to invite questions from others
  • You do not need to have your complete paper with you. If you present your poster, your paper will be included in the Conference Proceedings
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2 August 2016
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