Oral Presentation Guidelines
Preparation of Presentations
Poster and oral style presentations are two important aspects of the International Electromagnetic Launch Symposium. Without these presentations we would not be able to accomplish the Symposium's primary objective of serving as the principal forum for the discussion, interchange, and presentation of research on critical technologies for accelerating macroscopic objects or projectiles to hypervelocities using electromagnetic or electrothermochemical launchers. See the oral guidelines below:
  • The oral session are TBD
  • Send us your PPT:
    • electronically to 18th.emlsymposium@gmail.com
    • by CD to Institute for Strategic and Innovative Technologies, ATTN: Melody Hummel, 1234 Darless Drive, Cedar Park, TX 78613
  • Each oral presetentation will be 20 minutes; 15 minutes for presentation (the problem, the background, the innovative approach, the new results, evaluation, etc) and 5 minutes for questions with attendees
  • Use a reasonable number of illustrations that support your paper. Again, you have only 15 minutes, so pick your illustrations wisely. Usually one illustration for every three minutes. Additional illustrations can be prepared to help answer attendee questions
  • Each illustration should be simple and not crowded with text and graphics.
    • Too much text should be avoided when showing an illustration
    • Illustrations should support the presentation; don't read the information on the illustration
    • Graphics help with communication, are more understandable, and point out the basic ideas
    • Use 18-20 point font. Anything smaller will be difficult to read
  • Presentation should be clearly structured
  • Begin with title page
  • Index of presentation to outline presentation
  • Basic problem should be clearly stated; as well as the application area
  • Background and previous work should be summarized to provide a prospective for the results presented
  • Innovative approach should be clearly stated
  • Application of the approach to the application problem should be described, by pointing out the main features and characteristics, the problems and the solutions
  • The results should be clearly outlined and evaluated
  • Appropriate comparison with previous results should be presented
  • Conclusions should summarize the work performed and point out the main innovation and results
  • Future work and development should also be added.
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