Symposium Topics
Armatures and Integrated Launch Packages
Computational Techniques
Electric Launch Applications
Electrothermal/ETC Launchers
EML Applications
EM Armor
EML-Related Materials Performance
Energy Storage
High-G Sensors, Guidance, Nav and Control
Launch Package Components
Magnetic Levitation
Power Conditioning
Rail Launchers
Solid State Lasers
Solid State Switches
System Analysis/Integration
High Power Microwaves
Directed Energy Systems
Electric Light Gas Guns
EM Railguns
Land, Sea, Air and Space
EM Aircraft Launcher
Earth-to-Space Launcher
High Energy Lasers
Diagnostic Techniques
Abstracts of proposed papers are solicited from those actively interested and involved in electromagnetic launch technology.

Papers will be selected on the basis of the content of the abstract. The abstract should be a self-contained description of the contribution of the future final paper and why it would be of interest to conference attendees. Major results should be clearly summarized, with an indication of what additional material will be in the final paper.

Authors will be notified in late February 2016 of the review decision for their proposed papers. Author packets will be mailed to authors whose abstracts are accepted.

Acceptance of an abstract indicated preliminary acceptance of a paper for publication in an IEEE Conference Proceedings, subject to a technical peer review with final recommendation on the basis of such review.

Abstracts should be at least 200 words but limited to a single page.
The official language is English.
Abstracts must be unclassified and cleared for public release with unlimited distribution. An abstracts booklet of accepted papers will be distributed at the conference.
You must include name, address, affiliation, phone number, and e-mail address of the primary author.
Indicate author's preference for oral or poster presentation. Accepted papers will be assigned to either the poster or oral sessions based on the recommendations of the Technical Program Committee.
Indicate appropriate topic.
Only Word or PDF file types will be allowed with an upload size limit of 50 Mb. Select to submit your abstract.
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